How to play: When getting bigger, you can collect doubloons to get biggerKill another player. Try to survive and discover a new map. Buy new character to get more powerful

About YoHoHo.io

Ellison May 24, 2021 Io Games

Yohoho.io game will give you an interesting experience. It will bring you into a fantasy world and you will create an adventure on your own way.

Yohoho.io unblocked is a multiplayer io game. You will be a character who will have a simple skill at using a sword. Then, you have to pass the quest and fight with others to slowly level up. The higher level you get, the more skill will be unlocked for you to use. You can not get level up fastly if you just defeat the lower characters. Although it is hard to fight with other players who get the same or higher level, you will get a bigger reward when you defeated them.

Moreover, when you finish a battle, you can earn coins or gold through the map. Collect as much as you can because it will help you so much. You also can open more details such as weapons, pets which are very cool and lovely such as Shell Shocker. With the same developer of Paper.io 2, you can rest assured that this is a fascinating game for you to try.

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