How to play: Use your mouse to control your snake and push the space bar to speed up.

About Wormax.io

Ellison May 18, 2021 Io Games

Wormax.io game gives you a fantastic experience. You have to try to survive and become bigger by gathering those dots. You also can devour other players and be devoured although those snakes in this game are so cute.

When playing Wormax.io unblocked, you will be brought into Wormzone io, where has a lot of snakes of other players. You need to become bigger and bigger to survive by those actions such as collect the dots. You will lose immediately if you hit other snakes, even if it just an accident. Moreover, some cool features help you power up. You can collect those features on the map and use them to move around the map and try to be the king of the battle. Now you can open this Wormax.io on Web Browser to try it free. Moreover, if you play it already and like this kind of game, there are other games such as Wormate.io 2 to play.

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