How to play: Use your mouse to control the worm and eat power-ups. Use your mouse to control the snake and LMB to speed up.

About Wormate.io

Ellison April 16, 2021 Io Games

Wormate.io is a game motivated by famous multiplayer games like Slither.io. Set in a huge field, you should crawl around devouring food and power-ups to develop your worm bigger. When you develop greater, you’ll have the option to trap different worms and get their food! Perceive how enormous you can get in Wormate.

Wormate is a basic internet game for anybody to learn. You eat, you develop, and you endure. Post for different players, particularly when you get greater, as they’ll need to eat all the food you drop. The upside of being large is that you can trap more modest worms by revolving around them.

Power-ups assist you with accomplishing your worm-related objectives in Wormate a lot faster. These capacities of Wormate io games unblocked influence you for a brief timeframe in which you should take advantage of the impact. Want to try other snake io games such as Slither.io? Join us now!

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