Subway Surfers World Tour Houston

How to play: Use the up or down arrow keys to make the character perform the corresponding action

About Subway Surfers World Tour Houston

Ellison June 2, 2022 Skill Games

Subway Surfers World Tour: Houston is an upgraded version of the game of the same name with a new setting. You need to help the main character escape from the police chase.

Subway Surfers has launched quite a long time ago, it has always been one of the most popular games in different periods. Until now, the attraction of this game has not shown signs of cooling down when new versions appear. Especially the World Tour series, this is one of the most prominent series of this game on the web browser. Subway Surfers Houston 2021 is also one of them with the same gameplay but changing in the context.

The context that the game brings is relatively interesting. The tracks in the city of Houston will be the place where you make your journey. Subway Surfers World Tour Houston unblocked retains the Endless Run style. The game screen only really ends when your character is caught by the police. The character will automatically move forward without any control from the player. This will save the most operations and help you focus more on dodging the pre-arranged obstacles.

There will be a lot of obstacles that hinder your movement in this game, please manipulate it rationally and make wise decisions to be able to win. The HTML5 online game also offers a relatively diverse equipment system, which will help players achieve higher scores. Each piece of equipment will have its own unique features, you need to use it rationally to get the best effect. This version has the appearance of two new characters, Alba and Starcruiser. They have different prices for players to have more choices when experiencing.

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