Slime Farm Remake

How to play: Interact with the buttons available in the game through the left mouse button

About Slime Farm Remake

Ellison April 12, 2022 Farming

Grow your own Slime empire in Slime Farm Remake to feel the relaxation. In the game, your task is simply to create new strains of Slime and give them a prosperous life.

Slime is one of the interesting animals with a characteristic appearance as well as color. In Slime Farm Remake unblocked, you will have the task of building a Slime empire of your own. The development method is also quite simple, you just need to continuously click on the screen to breed Slime or collect gold coins. Each Slime will have a different gold generation rate for each level turned on. If you want to save operations, you can also click the Auto Collection button on the screen. From there, the system will automatically collect the amount of gold generated from Slime and give you more hands-free.

Play Slime Farm Remake online, you can unlock 8 different types of Slime or proceed to breed them if you want. Each type of Slime brings a certain source of profit, and you will spend a different amount of money to own. Besides, you can also do some other interactions with Slime to make them feel happy. Typically buying hats for them, building memorials, buying flowers, building music centers, and more. The Slime world in the game offers a lot of exciting upgrades for you to explore freely. Each Slime village will come with a variety of activities, we believe you will always feel fresh while playing. So, give spiritual life to your Slimes to help them relax and create more gold coins. Similar to other farming 2D games, you will have to spend a lot of time exploring all the content available in Slime Farm Remake.

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