Russian Car Driver ZIL 130

How to play: WASD to drive your car and Spacebar to use Handbrake, C to change the camera view and H to horn.

About Russian Car Driver ZIL 130

Ellison April 16, 2021 Racing Games

Russian Car Driver ZIL 130 is a great Russian truck game that will drive you crazy! In this racing game, you will control the unbelievable ZIL 130 soviet truck. This practical recreation game gives you a genuine vibe into how the truck handles and how you need to dominate the controls to keep this monster moving.

You can wander openly all through the map and find the wonderful scene in Russian Car Driver ZIL 130 unblocked that anticipates you or contend in various difficulties to turn into a definitive significant distance driver. There are 6 amazing game modes to play. The Russian car driver game unblocked is inspired by traditional racing games. All these games are extremely amusing to take part in. Have a good time!

Moreover, this game includes 6 wonderful game modes: career, parking, traffic, climbing, rally, and championship! You can adapt the garage on your own and choose your favorite mode! This game will also help to upgradeable your driving’s expertise!

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