Robot Runner

How to play: Click anywhere on the screen to jump over the blocks

About Robot Runner

Ellison June 21, 2022 Adventure

Robot Runner unblocked is the place for you to join the endless run of a fighting robot. You just need to click to jump over blocks and conquer record milestones.

A robot made for combat is trying to run away from its owner. You need to give it a hand to make it through many random high and low blocks in the dark factory full of machines. That’s your duty when you play Robot Runner online on browsers. Get ready for an endless escape where you need to keep up with your own pace. You just need to click on the screen to jump but pay attention to the right moment to do it. The robot has a constant jump distance because someone set it up for that. And you need to take care of this distance to jump at the right time and in the right place. The challenge for you is blocks of different heights and they constantly appear on the track. You need good observation and proper manipulation to help the robot get out of the craziest whirlpool in the dark factory.

This Robot Runner game will satisfy gamers who love the endless running genre. But please pay attention to the gameplay mechanics as it is a bit different from other games of the same genre. Your character will run from left to right, not always moving forward. So you need to change your perspective, it will be harder to see but also easy to reach. Therefore, it won’t take you long to get used to the game controls, just clicks. But you’ll need to play long to really get control of your character and his jumping mechanics. This game will not have a level system, the longer you play, the more points you get.

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