How to play: Use your mouse to control the paper to claims as many area as you can.

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Ellison May 6, 2021 Io Games

Painting is the only thing you need to do in 2. This is a multiplayer .io game where you need to claims as much space as you can. Let’s paint the map with your color only!

Paint as much as you can to unblocked Paperio 2. Utilize your mouse to move around and cover the map with your shading. But while you are painting and out of your area, you are in danger. If the opponent cuts your tail, you are destroyed! So make sure to protect your area, too! One tip you can utilize is trying to destroy the enemies while their tails are exposed. The more enemies you kill, the faster you can be the first champion on the leaderboard!

You’ll continually be fighting with other 2 players to recover your region and take other opponents’ space. Want to have a better and cuter graphic design? Let’s try out 3D!

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