Endless Truck

How to play: Press the space bar to jump. Tab left or right to keep your truck balance.

About Endless Truck

Ellison November 6, 2021 Fighting Games

Endless Truck will give you a fantastic feeling by driving your car through loops and show people your excellent stuns. In this game, you are a driver with your truck and your mission is go as far as you can.

Endless Truck unblocked is a racing and HTML5 game. In this game, you will have to control your truck go through those roads, and make some good performance. For each cool performance such as good stuns which you make, you will receive some bonus money. If you get a perfect landing and keep your car balance, you will have a huge speed boost. You can earn money to upgrade your truck to make it better and faster, also be more beautiful. Moreover, you have to collect fuel to keep your car moving. if your truck run out of fuel, it will break down and you will lose at this game. So, let try to go as long as you can and get the highest score of this Endless Truck game.

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