Elastic Man

How to play: Using your mouse to play it

About Elastic Man

Ellison November 25, 2021 Skill Games

Elastic Man game will suitable for people who love Rick and Morty series. You will have a chance to do whatever you want to the little cutie boy.

Elastic Man is a 3D game. When starting the game, you will see the head of the boy on the 3D platform. Now, you can stretch, twist, or anything, as much as you want. Moreover, the surprising thing is that the movement of this face will be very natural. You can see it is so addictive. You can click and hold anywhere in that face and stretch it, make it become a cutie or a weird face. Maybe it seems so simple and does not have anything interesting, but believe me, you will find out you use a lot of hours to play it. Now you can play Elastic Man unblocked free online on web browser.

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