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The ways to download the latest 1.2.1 APK game, guide for the newbie who first play it, and other information about this multiplayer game. APK is a file that allows people to download and install this game in all standards. Moreover, it gives people more chances to play it through a laptop, computer or even mobile phone. unblocked was published in April 2016 on platform iOS. In this game, You will destroy other airplanes, collect weapons to do it, earn points and survive to the end of the battle. Basically, It is the same as the gameplay of and

Tutorials and tricks to play APK game

Guide for newbie who first play

First, Open the, name the airplane and start to play. You can also find it on the io game online.

Tap play and start competing with players all over the world. You will try to shut other players down while keeping surviving and collecting things. You will use these things to earn scores and try to be on top of the battle.

Finally, If you are shutted down by other players or fall in the sea too long, you’ll lose so the game is over.

Download Latest Version For Andorid
Download Latest Version For Andorid

Some tricks of this game

Just like any other games, there are always some ways for you to be of the best of the game.

  • The King Steal: Let find and hunt the King to be on top of the battle
  • The Water Slayer: You try to keep position near the surface of the sea and shoot other weak airplanes.
  • The Coward Play: Just like the name of this trick, stay behind other people and make them become your shields.
  • The Dog Fighters: Keep straight and destroy enemies directly
  • The Ballerina: Flying around and distract enemies to destroy them
  • The Kill Streakers: More kills, more scores.
  • The Sniper: you will keep an ideal place and shoot enemies from far away.
  • The Healer: Eat the yellow points to live and survive to the end.
  • The Revenge Killer: Hunt the person who killed you.

Download APK file to enjoy it easier

How to play on iOS

Because is published firstly on the iOS platform, you just need to search on AppStore. You can take it easy.

Get this game on computer has published a version for PC. It allows people to play comfortably on Laptop or computers while still keeping the good graphic the same as its Mobile version.

Download APK on Android Devices

You are happy that the publisher has shown the version which can play on Android. So you can download APK for Android from these trusted sites such as APKPure.

Firstly, you go to APKPure, search for, or click on the link below to download APK. Through this step, your device will have the APK latest version.

Then, Let your device allow the third side to install it. You go to Setting, find Security and tap the Unpredictable to allow your phone to install apps from sources that are not CHPlay.

After that, move to download to find the APK you already get, tab it and it will start installing. Choose Yes if something appears, but remember to read what it writes.

Finally, open on your devices and enjoy it normally.

Above is how you play and the way you can play it. You can play on your phone, computer and laptop and join it through the 1.2.1 APK – the latest version of this game.

However, is a good game for you if you like this type of game – Multiplayers, Survive and Compete. The good graphics, easy gameplay, and easy to understand but still require skills are the good sides of this game. If you find it interesting enough to play, you can get and play it on every device. Have a good time with this game.

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