Defuse the Bomb 3D

How to play: Use the mouse to touch the position that you want to remove in the allotted time

About Defuse the Bomb 3D

Ellison April 19, 2022 Driving Games

Bomb disposal is not an easy job at all, it requires experience as well as confidence from the performer. Join Defuse the Bomb 3D to become one of the best bomb disposals.

Join Defuse the Bomb 3D for kids, you will have the opportunity to discover the bomb removal process of experienced experts in this field. Each level is a different task, requiring you to follow the correct process to be able to defuse the bomb. Instructions on how to defuse the bomb will appear on the screen. But sometimes it is not as easy as you imagine. Initially, the junctions were in familiar locations on the bomb, making the debugger process simple. Later on, the differences will be hidden, and you will have to do it in turn. You even have to rotate the bomb continuously to find the right wire-cutting positions.

After completing any number of levels, Defuse the Bomb 3D unblocked gives the player a certain amount of money. This money will help you upgrade your bomb research workshop by buying specialized items. Along with that is recruiting some new workers to expand the scale of bomb research. The laboratory is your main activity in this game, it is a place to research and defuse bombs from simple to complex. Play Defuse the Bomb 3D online, you also see the allotted time system appear visually on the screen. If the time ends and you still cannot successfully defuse the bomb, you will lose. And if you defuse the bomb the wrong way, you will also receive the same result. Defuse the Bomb 3D is one of the attractive puzzle games on the web browser with the participation of many players.

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