Crazy Flasher 3

How to play: WASD key to move. B to attack. N to jump. M to special. Space Bar to choose your weapons.

About Crazy Flasher 3

Ellison May 13, 2021 Fighting Games

Crazy Flasher 3 unblocked is a fantastic fighting game for people who in love with this type of fighting game. This game give you a thrilling feeling and worth it when playing it.

In Crazy Flasher 3, you will be a person who has to fight back against a group of people to be the boss of them. At first, you just know to you your punch to combat. However, each time you win a battle, you will get money to buy more weapons and skills. These things will help you win them easier, so let try to collect it as much as you can. Moreover, you need to be careful or you will be hit-to-die and you will lose the game. This game is really interesting and addictive. Moreover, if you play this game already, you can try other games such as Electric Man or Raze. Now you can try this Crazy Flasher 3 without flash on Web Browser. Let see how far you can go in this game.

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