How to play: Use AD or Arrow keys to slide left or right.


Ellison May 22, 2021 Io Games is an exciting water slide game. Take part in the interesting races and have a great time in the summer. Play free in a real sense directly in the activity on top of your own elastic grimy toward the beginning of a colossal water slide. The victor of the race is the first to arrive at the end goal and sprinkle in the pool.

To accelerate, slant the elastic shabby and point it up to the banked corners. The point should be wonderful in any case the dirty could launch off of the water slide into the profundities of the sea underneath. As the watercraft goes plunging down the slide, knock different players and attempt to thump them off or moderate their advancement.

The brilliant and bright water underneath gives a cool setting to the race. Additionally, the various exciting bends in the road in the track imply that focus and fast reflexes are critical. A player’s coin score is recorded in the upper left-hand corner of the game screen. And they can use coins to unblocked Join other funny html5 io games such as 2 and Crowd City.

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