Among Us Single Player

How to play: Use WASD to moving. Tab F to sabotage. E to use ventilation. Use Q to attack others.

About Among Us Single Player

Ellison May 17, 2021 Action Games

Among Us Single Player unblocked is base on the famous Among Us game. If you love this popular game, you should give Among Us Single Player a try.

Among Us Single Player game has the kind of action game. This will bring you into a ship with 4 or more people. However, the maximum is ten. You will be the imposter so that others are crewmates. Those will try to complete the missions and also try to survive. Moreover, those also try to find out who is an imposter and expel you. If crewmates do those things successfully, they will win. On the other hand, if you – the imposter can kill and the crewmate has the same or fewer people as the imposter, so you win. So you have to kill as fast as you can to win. This game has color and cartoon-style graphics.

Now you can play Among Us Single Player on a web browser without download it.

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